Folkemødet 2015 BL-Dome

you can meet Delux Coffee again at the Folkemødet 2015 in the BL-DOME.

From the 11-14.6.2015...we are at your service...



Delux Kaffe Kompagniet ad Folkemødet 2014

Dear Coffee lovers,

we can confirm, that after a successfull 2013 Folkemødet,  we are hosting the DOME Coffee Bar at the Folkemødet 2014 again.


Bornholms Artisan Micro Coffee Roastery

Hi, we are Delux Kaffe Kompagniet Bornholms Artisan Micro Coffee Roastery.

We roast our specialty gourmet Coffee localy in Rønne. Our mission is, to indulge you with the freshest Coffee experience Bornholm has to offer. Our ESPRESSO & BORNHOLMER BLEND are apprecciated by the coffee connaisseur around the world....

come and get it from the piaggio outlet shop open everyday 11.00-17.00 "selvbetjening"

Nordskovvej 1, 3700 Rønne


01.04.2013 12:20

Gunnar Trip

Godt initiativ med kafferisteri, kaffen smager rigtig godt , den Bornholmske blanding sidder lige i øjet, tillykke med det. God vind fremover ,vi ses

15.10.2012 20:50


We love your coffee ! thanks for bringing this to rønne.

15.10.2012 20:46


Your coffee is just great, i'm very happy, that i can get realy fresh coffee to wake up in the morning. It's a good strong & solid espresso.